Employee training

Staff training and development

Personnel training and development is a service aimed to enhance the skills and knowledge an employee needs to become more efficient or to give background for further promotion.

ANCOR is a talent training and development expert, we design and conduct courses on topics where we are unconditional leaders:

  • recruiting training of different level
  • staff assessment training

  • professional competence and skills assessment training

We upgrade our workforce development programs on a regular basis taking into consideration modern trends and techniques.

Recruiting training

HR is the backbone of business, having 30+ years’ experience in staffing industry ANCOR designs and provides online and offline trainings for recruiters to deliver up-to-date guidelines and boost overall search and selection efficiency of company.

We tailor educational programs to meet specific requirements of clients, HR roles of participants and general hiring strategy of the company. The course aligns with peculiarities of all participants of personnel search and selection process: recruiters, HR specialists and managers, hiring managers, top managers.

Training on staff assessment

Staff assessments are reviews conducted by HR specialists, managers or supervisors to evaluate employees' work performance. ANCOR’s training is based on vast experience in designing and hosting of assessment centers for companies of different size and industry.

During the course you will know how to:

  • create a competency model;
  • choose the right type of interview on the basis of competency model;

  • use cases and exercises at staff assessment.

Our program includes step-by-step guidelines how to prepare participants, summarize and analyze results, provide feedback. 

Professional competence design training

Professional competence is a broad knowledge, skills and attitude required for productive performance in a specialized area or profession.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • define requirements to any job role;

  • determine key skills and knowledge;

  • design matrix of professional competence according to job title;

  • use methodology/technique of tests, interviews, cases design. 

Training to develop young and experienced managers

Programs for new managers are aimed at developing basic managerial competence:

  • courses for goal setting. Learn how to select an objective you wish to achieve, how to align corporate, team and individual goals to maximize opportunities for success;

  • time management training. Tips and tricks applicable to all job roles will help you to improve personal time management skills, overcoming procrastination or using specific tools to get things done;

  • delegation skills training. Learn how to grow as a leader and at the same time not to forget to allow your team to develop;

  • personnel management. Designed to give you an in-depth understanding of team management, including essential concepts, strategies, and best practices.

Programs for experienced managers are aimed at enhancing managerial skills and further progression:

  • leadership training. Master leadership techniques and enhance current skills to run your team, including motivation, assertive communication and coaching;

  • employee motivation training. Learn how to create a motivated environment where employees enjoy their job and are inspirated to do their best;

  • change management сourse. Equips you with skills to deal with situations that became out of the norm, learn how to plan and lead successful change.


Our Expertise
  • 180+ clients
  • 50+ trainings and educational programs
  • 40+ employer branding projects
  • 5+ years of experience in consulting

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