Outsourced administrative services

Administrative Outsourcing

Administrative outsourcing is a form of Business Process Outsourcing when certain administrative processes are transferred to an external service provider.

This type of BPO includes a full range of services in the field of business support, contractor management, personnel search and selection.

Outsourced administrative services are a correct way to boost efficiency, productivity and profitability of a company allowing you to concentrate on the essential.

Administrative outsourcing includes:

  • Secretarial service: secretarial support to a manager or a department.

  • Call center:  receptionist and switch board operator services.

  • Mailroom service: registration and delivery of incoming/outgoing correspondence, organization of work with the Russian Post, courier services & custom brokers.

  • Reception desk: meeting guests, answering calls, booking meeting rooms.

  • Document management service: organization of paperwork, printing & scanning, archiving & storing.

  • Audit and consulting: audit of non-core business services, recommendations for effective construction of internal business processes with uniform standards

  • Supplier management: courier services, cleaning, office maintenance, catering, office purchases (water, stationery, etc.), taxi services, business trip organization, medical services, insurance, and mobile communications.

This is a list of our standard administrative outsourcing solutions, but we can help with other projects where you lack resources. We also provide temporary staff for short-term administrative support.

ANCOR’s advantages:

  • Own secretarial school for employees’ training 

  • Strong management team

  • Business continuity

  • Own unique IT platform to work with suppliers

  • Transparency of all processes for the client

Our Expertise
  • 180+ clients
  • 50+ trainings and educational programs
  • 40+ employer branding projects
  • 5+ years of experience in consulting

Other services
HR outsourcing is the transfer to a provider of activities for the administration and operational management of HR functions, the calculation and payment of salaries, as well as the management of the client's infrastructure.
Outsourcing of HR record is a full or partial maintenance of HR administration functions by a provider specializing in accounting services.
An employee payroll service is a full or partial transfer of payroll accounting and payroll-related reporting to a specialized accounting provider.
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