Preparing for a Job Interview: Where to Start?
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Preparing for a Job Interview: Where to Start?

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Where to search for useful information?

  • company’s website;
  • social media profiles;
  • Branded page on employment websites* – look if such a page exists and what the company presents;
  • articles about the company in newsfeeds and profile portals;
  • former or current employees reviews;
  • information from consultant of recruiting company in which you have applied.

What do you need to know about the company for the upcoming interview?

  • What products/services does the company offer?
  • Who is the final consumer of the company’s products/services?
  • Company’s geographic location in your country and abroad.
  • Who are the main competitors of the company?
  • Is the company part of a bigger association?
  • What are the company’s history, goals and mission?
  • What is the potential growth of this company’s specialty?
  • Is the management stable or is there fast turnover?
  • What are employees’ attitudes toward the company?
  • What kind of attention does mass media give to this company?
  • What kind of reviews do employees write about?
This information will be valuable to understand if this company is what you are looking for, and also will help to answer a recruitment consultant’s question of why you are interested in this company.

Bring serious statements of interest:

  • opportunity for career development,
  • gaining of useful experience,
  • solving of new challenging tasks,
  • growth prospects, etc.
Show recruitment consultant that you are interested in this employer, and he will understand that your intentions are serious!

*the largest employment website in Uzbekistan:
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