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Why Is the Secretary Profession Best to Start With?

If you are a novice specialist and haven't decided on a future profession, then a secretary is a great career start. Why?

Performing an administrative function, the secretary actively interacts with all departments and branches of the organization. This helps to study the structure of the company, understand jobs zones, find out what sector you are prefer, and based on this knowledge, choose your own path.

What kind of career can you make if you start as a secretary?

  • Grow in the administrative direction, becoming a personal assistant to the head or administrative director.
  • Choose another field, among popular: HR, marketing, legal department. To move into these departments, the employer is more likely to look for employees with specialized education.

What are the responsibilities of a secretary?

An employee's work area in commercial organizations is usually located in the reception area. Therefore, the key function is meeting visitors.

The secretary's job description:

Acting as a receptionist: assisting guests with navigation around the office, tea/coffee, coordinating passes and parking spaces;
  • Liaising with couriers;
  • Processing incoming correspondence;
  • Filing;
  • Answering phone calls;
  • Processing documents: scanning, printing, copying, preparing mail-shots.

What other duties of a secretary?

  • Order stationery, expendable materials, printing, souvenirs, even a taxi
  • Organize business trips for employees, etc.

Who can become a secretary?

Candidate of any gender who has a college or undergraduate education, office software skills, with or without work experience, but with a desire to be useful to the company. Personal qualities matter - sociability, politeness, organizational skills, critical reflection.

What is the demand for secretaries?

Currently, the number of vacancies exceeds the number of candidates looking for such a job! Candidates choose employers with popular employer brands. A separate role is played by income and the availability of VMI (voluntary medical insurance). Lack of VMI is a common reason for offer rejection.

What is the salary of a secretary?

The secretary's income depends on the region of residence, work experience and professional knowledge. The average income of a secretary in Uzbekistan is about 2,500,000 - 3,000,000 UZS.

In Tashkent secretaries with relevant work experience, higher education and knowledge of English can expect an income of 5,000,000 - 6,000,000 UZS.

It is important that a secretary is not the same as an office manager. But this is the topic of another article.
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