Вакансия Strategic Development Project Leader в городе Ташкент
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Strategic Development Project Leader

Liaises with the Uzbek Authorities to look for a match between the country’s needs / development priorities  and what the Swiss technology can bring. 

Works under the guidance of a Steering Committee orienting  team about Uzbekistan’s process of modernization: socio-economic development, revenue generation and employment, diversification in the agricultural, industrial and services fields, arbitration process about water scarcity, ecological smart innovations, etc… 

Analyses with the internal team (with the support in other countries) how the existing technology could be modified and adapted in order to contribute achieving those goals. For example: 

- Preventive rather than curative health

- Treatment of residual grey water (textile or leather industry)

- Treatment of salty water to become drinkable in remote areas (Aral Sea)

- Food processing (from farm to market)

- Agronomy (greenhouses, less harmful fertilisers)

Defines priorities, methodology and budget to reach a good match.

Leads the Central Asia  Strategic Development Team, composed of: A) Marketing (scouting for opportunities, defining development brief), B) (development of electrode and electrolysis processes, new formulas), C) Micro-biology (impact on micro-organism, regulatory aspects), D) Agronomy, E) Mechatronics / Engineering (conception of different types of machines / blue print for Production).

Studies global market and its various components (chemical cleaning and disinfecting, using electrolysed water), in Central Asia. Defines size, growth perspectives, attractiveness. Of the various segments. 

Studies the various verticals which could be interesting:

- Government, public collectivities.

- Healthcare, hospitals, medical and dentistry.

- Hospitality, tourism, hotels and recreation centres.

- General cleaning / facility management.

- Real estates / malls / offices / universities / airports & stations.

- Food safety / food processing (fruits, meat, milk & drinks.

- Agribusiness / agriculture 

- CIP (Cleaning in Place / Industrial).

- B to C / home hygiene.

Studies regulatory process, defines which permits-licenses-certifications are mandatory-commercially needed-nice to have-not so important. Ensures homologation is obtained.

Studies competition: their strengths, weaknesses and respective strategies.

Designs a strategy per vertical market. Then identifies in which segments to focus the development efforts, what are the main opportunities, entrance barriers and risks.

Studies also various options: B to G, B to B (machine), B to C (bottling), leasing option …

Determines our specific positioning and USP for this segment.

Participates to the elaboration / update of the business plan.

Leads the project, with a view to offer solutions corresponding to Uzbekistan’s needs and priorities. 

Ensures that the research design is sound, with sold ethical and environmental standards.

Constantly evaluates the effectiveness of the project’s design and methodology, in order to Identify areas of  improvement.

Plans the project with clearly identified timeframe and milestones.

Looks for realistic financing options . And implements the plan within budget and on time. Use financial management tools such as spreadsheets and databases to track expenses.

Orients, manages, motivates and monitors the R&D specialists, stating with two: a) microbiology-chemistry and b) mechatronics-service engineering).

Systematically organises collection of feedbacks from the market about the perception of our products (both the existing machine and new potential developments).

Once preliminary results are reached, conducts market research to verify market acceptance or proposes corrective steps. 

Determines areas for potential improvements and identifies potential gaps / opportunities.

Prepares educational material for potential end-users about the way how to use our technology. 

Maintains a good link with the international organisations: Development Banks, UNDP, UNEP, FAO, WHO, etc… Ensures SDGs are always in central focus of our own targets.

Keeps close links with the academic world. Contributes from time to time with scientific write ups.

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