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Chief Enterprise Architect

Advises the Head of IT and B-1 IT personnel of emerging compliance issues and guides the bank in executing the necessary actions to mitigate risks.
Develop a comprehensive plan that involves understanding the IT specific compliance requirements and establish a framework to address compliance obligations.
Develop policies and procedures based on regulatory requirements and industry standards, and implement these policies across the organization to ensure employees are aware of them.
Conducts risk assessment to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities to the IT infrastructure.
Foster a culture of compliance throughout the organization, develops training programs for employees to raise awareness about the best practices, data handling and importance of IT compliance.
Conducts due diligence on vendors, review contract to include necessary compliance clauses, assess if vendors meet the compliance standards.
Conducts regular internal audits and monitors IT systems and operations to assess complianc

Experience Requirements:
Bachelor or University degree in IT engineering.
Fluent English and Russian
Must uphold ethical standards and maintain the highest level of integrity and must adhere to strict confidentiality requirements.
Advanced knowledge in legal and regulatory landscapes
Being familiar with framework such as COBIT, NIST, CCPA, GDPR,
Technical expertise in IT Security and risk management
The ability to analyze complex IT systems, processes and data to identify potential risk areas
Effective communication skill to convey compliance requirements to various stakeholders in IT and stakeholders collaborating with IT Teams
The ability to develop comprehensive IT compliance policies and procedures.

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